Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent

A heated pool

Many people sitting around a fenced pool with a large diving platform.

The pool at Boule Rock Hotel in Métis, c. 1920. Taken from a hotel brochure.

© Héritage Bas-Saint-Laurent.

In the 1920s, Boule Rock Hotel provided its guests with a heated saltwater pool. Its impressive diving platform would certainly have been safer than the edge of the wharf. If they wished, guests could even take advantage of a few tips from a swimming instructor! 

Guests could reach the pool from the floor where the rooms were located, allowing them to go take a discrete early-morning dip.

This pool was only one of Boule Rock Hotel’s attractions. Most rooms offered a view of the sea. Guests could enjoy a library, a smoking room, a ballroom and a very large dining room where local delicacies were served, including the renowned Gaspésie salmon.

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