Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent


Photograph of an old book binding.

The photograph album of the Gombay family.

Private coll. (Brydon Gombay). Photographed by Marie-Andrée Perron, 2016.

“SCRAP BOOK” can be read on the spine of this album. The term and concept are not so new after all! There are few comments in this album, but each detail (date, name, location and a short comment) puts the images into context.

Summer holiday-goer Constance How was the first to glue photos into this album in 1908. She then lived in one of the Bate family’s houses in Saint-Patrice (Rivière-du-Loup). Most of the pictures show daily happenings in Saint-Patrice, but many illustrate the “Grand Tour” of an unnamed woman through northern Europe (England, Norway, Germany, etc.) during the same era.

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